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Soundtrap Slim Line Electronic Earmuff OD GReen
The Peltor Tactical 6-S Sound-Trap Slim Lime MT15H67FB is an electronic hearing protector with unique features for hunters and shooters.
category : Range
brand : Peltor
mfg part : MT15H67FB
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These Tactical 6S Sound Trap Hearing Protectors by Peltor effectively localizes weak sounds and amplifies them to a more distinguishable level. This feature makes the hearing protector great for people with hearing loss. In addition to amplifying weak sounds, the Peltor Tactical 6 S Sound Trap Slime Lime protects against loud hazardous noise. The Hearing Protector 's electronics effectively suppress sounds over 79 decibels (dB), and has a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 19 decibels (dB). Complementing these features of the Peltor Hearing Protector is its small and compact size. The Peltor Tactical 6-S can fold into the shape of a ball, small enough for storage in a pocket or a bag during transportation. The total weight of the Tactical 6S Sound Trap is only 8.8 oz. for comfort during long periods of use. Adding to the compact design of the Peltor Sound Trap Hearing Protector is its unique capacity. Four AAA Batteries (not included) give the Tactical 6-S over 200 hours of service. These features of the Peltor Tactical-S Sound Trap Slime Lime Electronic Hearing Protector MT15H67FB make it a great device that protects against hazardous noises, while also amplifies softer sounds.

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